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I’m back! After about two weeks of experiencing a creative block and a general feeling of malaise, I’ve finally gotten back on the horse (haha, pun intended) and am back to blogging.

Last night I finally busted out the washi tape I recently found at Target, and began to play. The result was the amazingly decorated “party horse” pictured above! I love it…

(Mint Teal washi tape set from Etsy.com)

…and now I am OBSESSED!!  For those of you who don’t know, washi tape is Japanese paper tape, kind of like masking tape but in a rainbow of colors and prints. It’s really fun to play with and it peels off easily if you want to change it up or get rid of it. I’ve seen a lot of cool washi tape projects on Pinterest lately and I even created a new pinboard for it, and other paper crafts, called I Heart Paper. Check it out!

After my success with the party horse, or “Washijacket” (the name I will lovingly refer to this postcard as, since the title of the art print was originally “Whistlejacket” by George Stubbs, haha), I now want to cover EVERYTHING in washi tape! It’s so fun and festive, and gets my creative juices flowing! I hope this is a trend that doesn’t go away anytime soon!

In other news, I was so excited to see my blurred image in Designlovefest’s Facebook album recently!! My friend Kathryne and I ADORE Bri Emery, the graphic designer behind the Designlovefest blog, so when we saw that she was hosting a DIY event at Anthropologie we had to be there! It was really fun playing blogger stalkers, and it just so happens to be the place that I had my first hands-on, washi tape experience. And there were macarons! It was awesome!

Here’s Kate, Jessica, and me caught being crafty/ stalkery (in a totally intimidated, passive way of course):(Photos by Bonnie Tsang, see more here)

Don’t you just love how shiny my hair is in this photo?! I sure do, haha…

Ok, I’m off to go buy some more washi tape! See you next week!

P.S:  I forgot to wish Andrew a happy birthday on the blog, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Here’s a photo from our birthday fishing trip:I love you! 🙂