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Happy Friday!

This week was very interesting, to say the least! Jessica and I continued to edit the photos from our recent inspiration shoots, and all of a sudden we have FIVE parties to plan!! Of course, they’re unpaid, haha, but it’ll be great experience. I’m so excited to get going!

Now if we just had a name for our budding event design company…

This weekend I will be doing LOTS of research for these upcoming events, in between finishing the last book in The Hunger Games series with Andrew. I’ve been looking forward to it all week! (Andrew and me reading the second book last week – via Instagram)

In other news, I just bought a Cricut Expression!!! Yay!!! It arrives on Tuesday, and I am so anxious to cut paper! Eeee!

Have a great weekend, and to start it off, here’s a couple of inspiring/ funny quotes I pinned this week…

Haha, makes you think…

Happy Friday! 🙂