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Today’s This or That is less of a “splurge versus steal” post, and more of a “which wedding invitation do you like best?” kind of post.

I’ve thought a lot about event planning recently since Jessica and I are finally going to stage our first inspiration shoot for our portfolio next week, and I realized that, once again, my wedding is just over a year away.  (Is it just me, or is my wedding always a year away? Hmm…)

No, seriously folks, this time Andrew and I have the PERFECT wedding date:

(drumroll please)

 Yay!!!!  I drew it myself, I bet you couldn’t tell!

It just so happens that our 10 year dating anniversary falls on a Saturday next year, so we think getting married is a perfect way to celebrate 10 years of togetherness. 🙂

So… that leads me to the idea of wedding invitations.  I think that they’re SUPER important because they are the first thing that a guest sees, and they help to set the tone for the entire celebration.  Guests can take clues about how to dress and the formality of the event from them, so you have to send out the right vibe.

I’ve always wanted a picture-perfect, intimate, dreamy wedding, filled with mountains of peonies, the sound of clinking glasses, and everyone dressed up and on their best behavior.  Kind of the feeling that either of these invitations give off:(Love Story invitation suite, Minted.com)

(Ring Bouquet invitation suite, Minted.com)

These invites are gorgeous, and I am in love with them for sure.

I do have a dilemma though – the problem being that I know it won’t be picture-perfect with everyone on their best behavior, and if I’m being honest with myself, I’m just not the fairytale wedding kind of girl.  I’m more of a “let’s get this over with so we can party” kind of girl, like this invitation would suggest:(You In or What invitation suite, Minted.com)

It matches this rad bouquet too, and I am kind of loving this whole concept:(via Ella Bella Floral & Wedding Design)

What’s your opinion, should I go delicate and dreamy?  Or walk on the wild side?

Leave a comment below… seriously… I need your help!

P.S:  Don’t worry, there will be mountains of peonies either way or else there will be no wedding at all!! 🙂