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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know some people hate today because they say it’s a holiday invented by corporations to make money (blah, blah, blah…), but I think it’s awesome.  Why shouldn’t there be a holiday devoted to expressing love and affection?  And any holiday that encourages the use/ wearing of pink is fine by me!

(Nerds in Love – more illustrations here.)

Maybe I’m just optimistic about the holiday because I get to spend it with this guy:(Andrew, caught being cute while painting the bedroom last week…)

I hope all of you have a great Valentine’s Day, and that you find someone in your life to share your love with, no matter who that may be.

Me and my Valentines:

(Favorite quote from Carrie Bradshaw in the SATC finale.)

(Nice typography and graphic design for Valentine’s Day)

How are you spending Valentine’s Day?

P.S:  I love you Andrew.