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This might already be common knowledge, but…

I LOVE interior design!

In fact, it was my second major in college (after writing, but before art history, wedding coordination, etc…hah).  Interior design inspired me to take fine arts and art history classes, from which I learned so much about my personal aesthetic and tastes.

(Abstract art in my favorite colors)

From color theory, I learned that I am NOT afraid to make a statement with color.  The brighter the better!  I also learned that it’s okay to love pink as an adult, and I do so unapologetically, as it’s so universally flattering on walls, furniture, and people – yes, even men (see pocket square below).

(Images courtesy of Impressions, Gary Pepper Vintage, Time Traveling Scamp, and The Decorista)

I learned about the power of drab too, or as interior designer and Domino Magazine Editor Deborah Needleman calls it, “a bit of ugly.”  Just as a boring day can help to put a great day into perspective, drab colors allow brights and pastels to stand out.

Needleman advises us in her book, The Perfectly Imperfect Home: How to Decorate & Live Well, to “consider highlighting your pretty colors with a dash of dullness, a dollop of dreary.”  It is important to incorporate neutral and shaded colors into our designs in order to feature the painstakingly cared for, bold details which make a room, or outfit, feel special.  (See my post about “neutrals with a pop of color” here…)

(A pink brownstone – oxymoron – made more exciting because of its flanking brown brownstones)

If I had my own place, I’d want it to look something like this…(Courtesy of The Glitter Guide)

Now and then I’ll share some pictures and ideas with you about how I’d style my own place (if I had one).  A girl can dream right?  But until that happens, make some bright color choices in your home for me, won’t you?

P.S:  This book is amazing, and surprisingly NOT drab!  I learned a ton of great design tips, and read it cover to cover in two days.  Awesome! 🙂