I love reading fashion magazines like InStyle, Lucky, Marie Claire, etc., but most of the time even their “steal” suggestions are still too rich for my blood.  One of my absolute favorite things to do is find a great deal on clothes and accessories.  I actually get an adrenaline rush!

In my This or That posts, I’ll compare a splurge and a steal item that are very similar in look and/or feel, and provide the links so you can go buy them yourself.

For today’s This or That, neon is SUPER popular for Spring 2012, and this bag will be everywhere:


(The Cambridge Satchel Co., The Fluoro bag, £98/ $152)

STEAL(Old Navy, Mini-Messenger bag in Neon Yellow, $20)

While I’m a big believer of “you get what you pay for,” I think this is a mini-trend for now, so I wouldn’t invest too much money in an expensive neon purse.  A little flash of yellow by your side will be fun this Spring though, so I’d go with the steal in this case.

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