I’ve been kicking around a few ideas for weekly posts lately, and I thought that a nice “Monday Getaway” series would be a fun way to beat the Monday morning blues.

On this rainy Monday, I find myself dreaming about possible honeymoon locations for me and Andrew.

I recently read that a fun way to travel Europe is by boat –  renting a river barge to explore the ins and outs of Europe’s canal system.  A friend of mine toured France and Italy with her family this way and loved it, and I think it would be super romantic and adventurous for a honeymoon.

Can you imagine floating along a French canal in this five-star river barge? Depending on your budget, there are boats available for weekly rental with prices starting at around 800 Euros!  Not a bad price for lodging and transportation, though you do have to pay for fuel.

I can see Andrew and myself cruising through the Alsace-Lorraine region and stopping to tour Strasbourg Cathedral…

Navigating locks or lying out on deck as we drift along Burgundy’s tree-lined canals…

And don’t forget about the French pastries…

So amazing!  It would certainly be a one-of-a-kind experience!  I would love to go, wouldn’t you?

(Images courtesy of http://www.worldcitypics.com/tag/places/page/2/, http://www.barginginfrance.com/EN/, and http://ctruongngoc.canalblog.com/)