So, I obviously am NOT good at keeping up with my own blog since I haven’t posted since the end of May, but maybe it’s time to try again. Instead of only writing about the changes happening in my life, I think I’ll try posting about the things that I’m interested in – like design, weddings and parties, and books, movies, and music.  

I’ve recently been interested in trends in design and styling, and creating color palettes that I could possibly use for events, interiors, or outfit styling in the future. I came across a post titled “Autumn Inspiration” by Heather Clawson from her Habitually Chic blog, and the colors in the photos just jumped out at me, making me wish for falling leaves and scarf weather. I think the key though is to rely on the neutrals for the most part, and just add a hint of the orange to add depth – and to avoid looking “Halloween-y.”

Color Palette:  camel, black, burnt orange