Yay!  I’m done with school for the Spring 2011 semester!  Now that that’s over with, I can finally dedicate some time to this little blog…

Even though my finals are over, I just can’t shake all the stress I’ve been feeling lately.  Usually, at the end of a semester, I feel a giant wave of relief.  This time though – between getting ready for graduation, organizing my trip to London this summer, and the beginning stages of wedding planning – I’m still feeling a lot of pressure.  I’m hoping that writing it all down here will help me vent, and remind me of all the fun I’m having along the way.  More to come!

P.S. Thanks Kate for reminding me to stay “on the wagon” as far as blog postings go!  Check out Kate’s new blog called “The Nautical Wife” here: www.thenauticalwife.blogspot.com

Me and Kate goofing off at work, haha