Rock candy…


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(Crystal Block Cuffs by Pamela Love)

I’ve noticed an awesome new trend popping up lately – rock and gem inspired jewelry!

I really love this trend because it’s an easy way to make your look a little less sweet, and a little more edgy. With the Coachella festival starting this weekend, I think these accessories will really start making their debut. Pair your raw stones with a rad vintage band tee and your favorite studded flats to complete this chic, bad ass look!

(Kimberly McDonald earrings, Fall 2012 collection)

(Jessica Alba via WhoWhatWear)

(Monique Pean earrings, Fall 2012 collection)

(Cherry Studded Ballerina Flats, MCQ Alexander McQueen)

(Monique Pean ring, Fall 2012 collection)

(Ashlee Simpson via WhoWhatWear)

(Charles Albert Agate Solid Cuff in green)

What do you think about the trend? Like it or not?

I think these raw gem accessories will be really popular this fall, so I’m going to start stocking up on some “rock candy” now!

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Wishy washi…


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I’m back! After about two weeks of experiencing a creative block and a general feeling of malaise, I’ve finally gotten back on the horse (haha, pun intended) and am back to blogging.

Last night I finally busted out the washi tape I recently found at Target, and began to play. The result was the amazingly decorated “party horse” pictured above! I love it…

(Mint Teal washi tape set from

…and now I am OBSESSED!!  For those of you who don’t know, washi tape is Japanese paper tape, kind of like masking tape but in a rainbow of colors and prints. It’s really fun to play with and it peels off easily if you want to change it up or get rid of it. I’ve seen a lot of cool washi tape projects on Pinterest lately and I even created a new pinboard for it, and other paper crafts, called I Heart Paper. Check it out!

After my success with the party horse, or “Washijacket” (the name I will lovingly refer to this postcard as, since the title of the art print was originally “Whistlejacket” by George Stubbs, haha), I now want to cover EVERYTHING in washi tape! It’s so fun and festive, and gets my creative juices flowing! I hope this is a trend that doesn’t go away anytime soon!

In other news, I was so excited to see my blurred image in Designlovefest’s Facebook album recently!! My friend Kathryne and I ADORE Bri Emery, the graphic designer behind the Designlovefest blog, so when we saw that she was hosting a DIY event at Anthropologie we had to be there! It was really fun playing blogger stalkers, and it just so happens to be the place that I had my first hands-on, washi tape experience. And there were macarons! It was awesome!

Here’s Kate, Jessica, and me caught being crafty/ stalkery (in a totally intimidated, passive way of course):(Photos by Bonnie Tsang, see more here)

Don’t you just love how shiny my hair is in this photo?! I sure do, haha…

Ok, I’m off to go buy some more washi tape! See you next week!

P.S:  I forgot to wish Andrew a happy birthday on the blog, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Here’s a photo from our birthday fishing trip:I love you! 🙂

Instagram archive…


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I thought I’d bring you up to speed on what’s been happening in my life recently with a few of my Instagram photos:

Top row:

1. Family photo!  2. My nails match my newly remodeled bedroom, hah.  3. Jessica & me at The Wedding Salon Event in Beverly Hills, there was a photobooth, and yes, she’s wearing a tiny top hat and veil!

Middle row:

1. I was sick on St. Patrick’s Day, so I wore a green headband along with my green eyes.  2. Me, Jessica, and our friend Alysia posing during our Pretty Little Liars viewing party this Monday… it was awesome!  3. Cupcakes in the park.

Botton row:

1. Andrew has a cute smile.  2. Perfect CA weather!  3. Andrew’s mom, Elaine, at the 17 mile mark of the L.A. Marathon last weekend.

So far March has been really great! 🙂

Check out more of my Instagram Archive posts here, and follow me on Instagram or on too, just search for “peonyandpoppy.” 🙂

Happy Friday…


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Happy Friday!

This week was very interesting, to say the least! Jessica and I continued to edit the photos from our recent inspiration shoots, and all of a sudden we have FIVE parties to plan!! Of course, they’re unpaid, haha, but it’ll be great experience. I’m so excited to get going!

Now if we just had a name for our budding event design company…

This weekend I will be doing LOTS of research for these upcoming events, in between finishing the last book in The Hunger Games series with Andrew. I’ve been looking forward to it all week! (Andrew and me reading the second book last week – via Instagram)

In other news, I just bought a Cricut Expression!!! Yay!!! It arrives on Tuesday, and I am so anxious to cut paper! Eeee!

Have a great weekend, and to start it off, here’s a couple of inspiring/ funny quotes I pinned this week…

Haha, makes you think…

Happy Friday! 🙂


Monday getaway…


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Greetings!! Yes, I’m still alive!

I know it’s been awhile, but I’ve had trouble finding time to blog between being sick, working on a couple of portfolio photo shoots last week, and reading The Hunger Games books this weekend.

A long time ago, I promised to deliver a Monday Getaway post about a yurt camping, girls’ weekend, so here it is!

I like camping as much as anyone, but when I camp, I prefer lying in the shade with a good book over other outdoor pursuits. Can’t you imagine relaxing on the deck of one of these? (“Sage” yurt at Lake Cachuma campground, sleeps 5, $60 per night)

Lake Cachuma is located in Santa Barbara County in CA, and is only about a four hour drive from Los Angeles, perfect for a weekend getaway! I have been tent camping here a couple of times with Andrew, but I’ve always wanted to rent one of these yurts. They just look so fun, like a fancy version of the forts you make as a kid!

Check out the view and the awesome interior! It’s a little bare bones, but you could decorate the inside a bit to make it more festive.(Images via The Felt Mouse)

The yurts have the normal campsite amenities, such as a picnic table, BBQ, fire ring, and water spigot outside – plus the added bonus of lighting, heating, and electrical outlets inside! Perfect for twinkle lights!

Another bonus of staying at Lake Cachuma is that it’s a ten minute drive from wineries, Andersen’s Pea Soup restaurant, and Solvang (home of the Ebelskiver!).  Plus there’s a cute little ranch nearby where you can feed ostriches and emus, which is very fun.

I could see even having a fun, quirky bachelorette weekend in one of these yurts, decorated something like this…(Bachelorette getaway inspiration shoot, styled by Jessica and *me*!!)

What do you think, would you camp in a yurt? I can’t wait to try it!

Oh, and check out my ideas on canal boating in France here!

P.S:  More to come on those recent photoshoots, don’t worry! And yes, those are bras… 😉